Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why should you jailbreak your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch?

1) The jailbreak app store AKA Cydia.

Those who do not jailbreak their iDevice may find themselves missing a lot of useful and fun apps. Cydia, created by Saurik, is an "underground" app store that has little to no restrictions as to what can be available for users to download. Apps that have been rejected by Apple can usually find a home inside of Cydia.

2) Make ringtones out of your music without iTunes

Why shouldn't you be able to make ringtones out of music you already own. With AnyRing, you can choose songs from your iPod to set as your ringtone. You can even choose specific times in a song and save them as your ringtone.

3) Theme Customization

Apple really limits how you can change the appearance of iDevices. With Winterboard you can change your home screen, lock background, SMS background, font replacement, sounds, keyboards and lots more.

4) Safari file download manager

This manager allows you to download media, images, documents, etc. This application is highly customizable and you can even choose where you want to save your downloads.

5) View local files on your iPhone with a file browser

iFile is a file manager that gives you file access under root. You can move, copy, rename files as you please.

6) Toggle 3G, Bluetooth, Brightness and Wifi from one menu

Tired of navigating through the Settings Menu just so you can turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, etc. sbsettings allows you the convenience to have all those features in one easy to access menu.

7) Transfer files to your iDevice fast and secure with SSH

Have some files that you want to take on the go with you. OpenSSH allows you to install a SSH server onto your phone. You can access those files from a PC when you connect your iDevice to your wireless network.

8) Tether your internet connection

If you have other devices or want to share your internet connection with your friends, MyWi allows you to tether your phone's 3G connection.

9) Unrestrict your 3G Priveleges

Apple restricts iTunes downloads, FaceTime calls and Youtube HD uploads to Wireless connections. With 3G Unrestrictor, you can bypass Apple's restrictions to these apps.

10) Five Icon Dock

Sometimes 4 icons at the bottom just isn't enough. Have instant access to 5 apps on your dock insead of 4.

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